Can you help?

Meet Red


Red is a Crisis Point therapy dog, working with young people who are victims of rape and sexual abuse. He helps them to open up and move forward with their lives. He has helped a great many children.

But… Red has a condition, called Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD). He has previously had knee surgery, for which the funds were raised by Crisis Point.

However, in December last year, Red’s condition resurfaced and it causes him severe pain. So severe that he now needs total knee replacement surgery. The cost for this is £15,000, including post-operative care. We need to raise this money as quickly as possible, otherwise this beautiful, calm, caring, helpful and intelligent pup will have to be put to sleep. He is just a few months shy of his fourth birthday. The best gift he could receive is the gift of a pain-free life.

Please can you help? There are several ways to donate to Red’s Fund. You can donate via Just Giving (just click that link) or you can donate directly to the charity’s bank account for Red’s Fund (that link will take you to the page with information about Red and how to help)

Alternatively, you can hop over to my other blog HERE to purchase a specially created cross stitch design, with ALL proceeds going directly to Red’s Fund.

Please, please help if you can. Red is a very special support worker for the most vulnerable in society. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for any help you can give.


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