A prompt I can work with 😀


I am, for the most part, a perfectionist. Only in certain areas of my life though. I don’t care much about appearance of person or possession. However, perfection of creation is a whole other matter.

When I was much younger, I had many jobs in the manufacturing sector. I was often complemented about the neatness of my work. It only became a problem in jobs that were paid as piecework. I found one job particularly challenging. I worked as an upholstery sewing machinist in a furniture factory. To achieve an acceptable level of pay, the work had to be churned out at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, it has been proven time and time again that you just can’t have quality and quantity. Piecework necessitates quantity. I could only manage quality. Therefore, my job didn’t last much past the initial training stage.

I have been a cross stitcher for about 30 years. I have had many compliments on the neatness of the back of my work. Some people think it just doesn’t matter about the back side, after all, who’s going to see it? To me, that misses the point of job satisfaction completely! It doesn’t matter if no-one will see it. I know it’s there and if it’s a mess, I’m not happy with it.

The photo on the left is the front of the project. The photo on the right is the back. I find both these images to be pleasing to look at. It’s a personal thing, I appreciate that. Each to their own. I am not so much of a perfectionist that I railroad every single stitch. It does annoy me working with two strands of thread when they twist. I prefer to counteract this by using only one strand. I also don’t like the lumpy nature of natural linen to work on. I adore symmetry and, as such, prefer to work on true evenweave fabrics.

Anything I create is subject to the worst possible scrutiny by myself. What other people think is good enough, for me, it just isn’t. But I don’t have a problem with that. It has long been said that cross stitching, in particular, is about enjoying the project. I agree totally and for me, personally, to enjoy it means to be happy with it. To be happy with it, it must meet my idea of perfection, however big or small the project.

It doesn’t just affect cross stitch though. I am a knitter, crocheter, writer and many other things. All of the things I create have to come up to my own ridiculously high standards. I am probably my own worst enemy in that respect. What is perfect to me is often seen as flawed by others and vice versa.

One last thing on the subject of perfection. People. I do not believe people are perfect. No-one is. Is it possible to find someone who is perfect? Perfect for you, yes, although I’ve yet to manage that myself.


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