Dry January?

I don’t know about you, but I find it very unnerving that we even have a need to try and impose this. I mean, the easiest way to achieve a dry January is to be a bit more moderate in the wet season, right?

Binge drinking is something I totally detest. I cannot see the point of getting so “off your face” that you behave in a disgusting and degrading manner in public places. Where’s the thrill in getting so drunk that you roll around in the street, oblivious to the fact that your underwear (if you’re still even wearing any) is on show to anyone who happens to look in your direction?

I know I’m knocking on a bit now, a bit old-fashioned. But at least I still have a moral compass. And I fail to see how degrading yourself in public can be any kind of okay behaviour. It just isn’t!

I hate to see drunk males, puking in doorways and pissing on their shoes, trousers, friends, anything within distance really. For some reason, though, this is the sort of behaviour we’ve come to expect from these people. However, I really, really hate to see women behaving in that same fashion. It just isn’t befitting of the fairer sex.

Maybe this is where the problem lies though. With so many women seeking to become equal to men, it’s almost as if they are trying to actually become men. I have no problem with some areas of equality but I still believe that women are not as strong as men in many ways and they are also not suitable for the same sorts of jobs as men. This is my personal belief.

I get annoyed with women who want to do the same jobs for the same pay as men, but still expect a man to hold open doors for them and other chivalrous acts. You can’t have it all ways people. You either want equality or you want special treatment from the opposite sex.

Like I said, I’m old-fashioned. Personally, I preferred a time when men went out to work and women looked after the house and family. Too many kids being left to fend for themselves, too many adults selfishly pursuing their own wants regardless of having kids… I understand there is a need for some parents to work once they’ve had kids but I will never understand the people who have kids for the sake of the benefits. It’s probably where a lot of things have gone wrong with the social side of life.

Largely, it’s a lot of these morally inferior people who are the binge drinkers, doorway-pukers, embarrassing drunks that we see portrayed on the news, particularly at this time of year. Disgusting!

If there are people who are so weak that they drink till they stink, I don’t see how any guidelines on having a dry January are going to help. It all comes down to the way life is at the moment. It’s all about excess – want it all, want it now.

For the first time in my life, I actually agreed with a lot of the Pope’s Christmas message of 2015, urging people to pay more attention to the simpler things in life, not the greedy hedonistic culture that’s being adopted by (mainly) young people these days. It’s very sad indeed to see how things have changed since my younger days. I don’t think that I, personally, would want to bring a child into the world now. The future can only get worse as these attitudes continue to spiral out of control.

Very sad indeed…


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