I’ve found yet another inspirational source for posts… This one really appeals to me because I love words.  The dictionary is my favourite book because so much can be learned from its pages.  Having stumbled upon this idea, I decided to go through the photos I already had and was pleased to find I had a few that would suit purpose.

Ornate > adjective elaborately or highly decorated



A small part of the very beautiful Chester Cathedral



The clock tower in Chester city centre



A stunning example of Nature’s intricate handiwork



And an example of my own handiwork

Chart © Sue Page

My own colour conversion


5 thoughts on “Ornate

  1. Lovely images here. Architecture can be extremely fascinating to photograph. Skies as well. And … wondering … is the last image of your crafting … cross-stitch or embroidery? I think x-stitch? At any rate … it is lovely. All the effort and time! wow!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I love the ornate buildings that surround us, generally way above street level. It never ceases to amaze me that so much work and effort has gone into producing something that, all too often, people don’t even see. And yes, you are correct on the cross stitch. Thank you for appreciating it 🙂

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