I name this ship…


Daily Prompt: Name that… You!

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us IDENTITY.

namesLinda Elizabeth… those were my given names at birth.  I know my parents had a book of babies names all those years ago and they’d originally chosen Linda Louise.  My Mum liked the name Louise as a middle name but back in those days it was considered to be a coloured person’s name.  Sounds ridiculous now but back then it was unthinkable to name a white child after a black person.  It was not-so-kindly pointed out to my Mum by her sister who, at that time, lived in London.  I don’t know if there were many immigrants in the country at that time but sadly the comment was allowed to sway the original decision.  Ironically, I was then named after that aunt to become Linda Elizabeth.

The baby book had a strange listing for Linda… It simply said that it was a contraction of Melinda or Belinda – in other words, not even a name in its own right.  I have, since, found that it has been given a meaning of its own – Beautiful (yea, right, on the inside, maybe!)  I may have looked up Elizabeth at some point too but can’t remember now.  Probably something to do with queens…

What I think is sad about my given name is that I don’t particularly like it.  It’s one of those names that, when people say it, just sounds whiney.  It makes me cringe when people use my name but it makes me mad when they don’t.  For example: my soon-to-be-ex boyfriend has never actually called me by my name.  He uses it third person when using me as an example in some scenario he is trying to make some dumb point with.  When asked why he doesn’t actually call me by my name his lame-ass answer is that, because he was married for 24 years (and still is, the a*hole) it’s easy to call that other person’s name by mistake.  He doesn’t want to offend.  I am still offended.  After being away from her for over 5 years and with me for nearly 4 of those, you would think he might be over her by now right?  Wrong!

But anyway, that’ll all be in the past very soon.

My son’s name is Ryan David.  Ryan because it’s a nice name, no particular meaning again but just something everyone seemed to like at the time.  David because it’s always been one of my favourite names.  My first crush when I was about 8 was named David.  It was also my dad’s name, my ex-husband’s deceased twin’s name and a name that we both particularly liked. (Ironically the soon-to-be-ex is called David too but he’s one of the reasons to dislike the name… or not really, just the person Confused smile)  The name David is Hebrew meaning Beloved.  That’s probably why I took a liking to the name in the first place.  I hate it being shortened to Dave.  That just sucks!

Names are a funny thing really, they’re just identifiers for other people.  Often misused or not used at all but I suppose it’s better than having a number.





Thanks to Edward Hotspur for giving me the idea (a little late) to check wiki… never thought of that!

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