If I could change one thing…


Daily Prompt: Groundhog Day

In the comedy “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right? Do you think it’s ever possible to get life “right”?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us REPETITION.

wedding_rings-t2Well this is an interesting prospect.  I am sure most people would find it difficult to choose just one day from a whole lifetime of mistakes to live over.  For me it would have to be my wedding day – either of them lol.

The first time I got married was in early 1986.  I was 19, young and foolish, thought I knew better than my Mum.  The day went ahead anyway and less than two years later I was back living at home because it’d all fallen apart.

I stayed single for a few years, then in 1992 I met someone I really kind of liked.  We got engaged after six months and finally married almost exactly two years after meeting.  We bought a house, had a child… and then it all fell apart… again!

I’ve spent many years wondering how or why it went wrong and just came to the conclusion that I obviously expect the same from people as I am prepared to give.  It would appear, having been single for 16 years (divorced for 14 of those) that things haven’t changed much.  I’ve been “in a relationship” for almost four years and I get nothing at all from this one.  Except criticism and hatred.  He believes he is far superior to most people on earth and treats everyone like they’re an idiot.  He’s ignorant and intolerant of all things that don’t sit well with him – which is just about everything!  But I think it has now come to an end after yet another blazing row.

If I could live that first wedding day over again, perhaps I would see sense and not actually go through with it.  Perhaps getting it right would’ve meant actually living life before trying to be too grown up.

As for repetition, well, in some ways it’s good.  I can sit in a chair and do my cross stitching for hours on end.  Typically it’s the same repetitive action for every stitch of every design.  But that’s the kind of repetition I like.  The sort I don’t like is when someone repeatedly reminds you of things they think you’ve done wrong.  They can’t remember their own mistakes, can’t even remember what they did yesterday but can still remind you of something you supposedly did years ago.  I also can’t stand repeating myself when people don’t listen.  And that happened a lot with the last bloke.  He can only hear his own voice and opinions.  As soon as I speak it’s just “rubbish” and not worth listening to the 20,000 words I speak by way of excuses – apparently.

I am certain that there have been many days and times over the course of the last 47 years I could choose to relive.  But as for getting things right, I believe they are only right for us at certain times.  I thought getting married at 19 was right – and for me it was right – at the time.  And who’s to say what is right and wrong anyway?  We all have different expectations throughout our lives.  Some work, some don’t but one thing is for sure… They’re all right at the time.

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