Would it change you?


Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPEED.

Would it change you?  Good question.  It would depend on what “it” actually referred to.

If “it” was money, for example, then I suspect it wouldn’t necessarily change me, but it would change the things I could do, the way I live.  Yes, I would splash out on material things like houses and cars – oh, and jewellery – but fundamentally it wouldn’t really change me as a person.  I would still want to be a bit too generous with others whether they deserved it or not.  I would be no less caring and considerate than I am now.  So, I suppose the answer to that is no, it wouldn’t change “me”.

If “it” was love and affection then yes, it would most definitely change me.  I crave that.  Have done my whole life.  Been called an attention whore on more than one occasion, also an affection sponge because, no matter how much I’m given, I can always use more!  But surely that’s no bad thing is it?  There are worse things I could be addicted to.

Of course, the two items above really don’t often go together, for money cannot buy love and affection and therefore cannot make me happy.  It can buy things, but not the important things in life.

However, there is another side to money and being changed… Cue “SPEED”…

P1020034This has just come back in the post to me today.  It’s my (now dirty) driving license.  For the first time in over 23 years, I got caught speeding on a motorway.  My offence was to be driving at 62mph – not in itself an offence on a motorway – but through (unmanned) roadworks.  Birmingham police are notorious for being a little bit, shall we say, unkind but, to be fair, it was my own fault really.  I knew there were cameras overhead – the average-speed kind that take three separate readings.

To be honest, I wasn’t concentrating that day.  I’d had a very sad but furious row with the SO and I had been due to stay at his place overnight.  I was tired and fed up.  And I chose to leave.  Fight or flight… I chose the latter – and the consequences of that are shown here.  Sickening for me.

I suppose it has changed me.  For the better?  I can’t say really.  I am certainly more aware of speed limits, not that I’ve ever been a speed freak as I had an accident many years ago (not due to speed) that made me realise I’m lucky to still be alive.  And I am devastated that, after all that time with a clean driving record, it’s now been written on.  I am suitably ashamed.  Not least because the SO got stopped speeding on the same motorway and I laughed at his idiocy.  As it turned out, I’d actually offended before him so I guess Karma was just letting me know she’s still watching every move I make!

Ok, that’s my 15 minutes Smile

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  9. If you can keep a clean driving license in Switzerland you are a wonder person. We only have a population of eight million and I am sure at least half a million are speed police. And where the police are not, there are automatic cameras. They will get you eventually. don’t hang your head, you will survive (with me and many others).

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