Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up

Cast the movie of your life.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUPERSTAR.


Shining-Star-xoxbu2I am ashamed to admit that I don’t really have anything much to post for this prompt.  Other than that I utterly detest celebrity and all it stands for.

My life has had its interesting moments and (mostly) dull, boring ones along the way.  How could I possibly cast a celebrity to play myself?  No-one knows me better than I so who would be qualified to apply?

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13 thoughts on “Superstar?

  1. What does celebrity stand for, to you? I ask not to be contentious but to better understand a fellow writer. Also, even though I am a near-thirty white guy, I would love to have Morgan Freeman play me in a movie.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I like Morgan Freeman too. Celebrity, in its broadest sense, covers a whole group of people who want to put themselves in the limelight, want the notoriety – and the money – but then spend most of their time complaining that people won’t give them any privacy. I’m not really fond of drama created by people with so much money that they shouldn’t behave in such a way. I have no respect at all for anyone who thinks it clever to show off all they have. I would rather they kept an air of mystery and dignity. It’s a very complex thing that I feel for these people. In a strange way, I admire their gall in being able to stand up in front of the world and bare all, whether it be mentally or physically, but I don’t respect the type of people that the majority of them seem to be. Fame and celebrity – to them – isn’t a chance to showcase genuine talent, it seems to be more about getting away with appalling behaviour because they can. What are your thoughts on celebrity?

      • I suppose it depends on your interpretation of the word. Some artists become celebrities against their own desire and are unable to handle it. Kurt Cobain comes to mind. Some celebrities are famous for characters they portray – think Lady GaGa. Stefani Germanotta isn’t famous – her alter ego is famous. But, she uses that character to spread a message of tolerance and love. I don’t necessarily like her music, but I respect her for using her status (the status we gave her) to help others. The celebrities-using-their-fame-to-help thing transcends boundaries too. On one hand, you have outspoken liberal guys like George Clooney doing a lot to support various causes. On the other hand, you have often disrespected redneck Toby Keith performing for troops whenever he can. I don’t like his music at all, but I do respect that he gives so much of his time to entertain soldiers.

        I guess we may be hung up on the person who happens to be a celebrity versus the stylized notion of “Celebrity.” Using only your definition, I must agree with you. However, I don’t believe all celebrities engage in the Celebrity lifestyle. At the heart of the matter, I think we agree on most of the same things. We just happen to be using different definitions. Oh, how many conflicts could have been avoided through human history if we only established common terms prior to our arguments!

        • I have always thought that communication is what is lacking in so many corners of life. And I do agree that there are some reluctant celebrities who do use their status for the common good. It’s the self-serving ones I detest. Thank you for the discussion, it’s always good to hear another point of view.

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