Three Tenths: Crazy, Peace, Seasons

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPHAZARD.

When I first saw the title and description for today’s daily prompt, I thought it was going to be difficult.  I was wrong!

I do have a slight concern, now, about my actual state of mind because the first ten words that sprang to mind were:

  • biscuit
  • love
  • crazy
  • peace
  • chocolate
  • pears
  • gin
  • oranges
  • birds
  • seasons

At first glance, most of these words didn’t seem to have any relevance to each other, but upon closer inspection (and the scrutinising eye of my teenage son) it would appear they aren’t as disjointed as I thought.

But how to pick three?  I just said the words over in my head and repeated the first three that came around for a second outing.  Hence my post title: Crazy, Peace, Seasons.

Life is generally crazy.  Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not.  It’s busy, boring, fast-paced, sleepy, relaxing, stressful and fun.  For the most part.  Crazy, for me, also conjures up my friends and family.  The people I seem to gravitate towards the most are the ones who can make me laugh and cry, possibly both at the same time.

Peace, because when you suffer from stress and depression, and you can’t seem to make sense of anything at all most of the time, peace is what you need.  Mind peace.  I’ve tried to get the hang of meditation but, for some reason, my mind is full of detritus and just won’t shut down.  This is why I’m a crazy sleeper.  Erratic hardly comes close.

Seasons are a constant source of wonder.  So much about the weather of each season can be peaceful or crazy.  Snow and rain can cause utter chaos if there’s too much of it, but too little is no fun.  I love both – as long as I don’t actually have to do too much while it’s going on.  The cooler weather of Autumn is looming as I write this.  It brings the changing of the leaves into some of the most gorgeous colours that nature has to offer, and the promise of snow to come.  Winter sometimes brings that snow, and Christmas (which is my favourite time of year) with all its twinkling lights and festive spirit.  Spring is also a wonderful time of year, when all those lovely blooms and green leaves start to appear, reminding us that life is cyclical and always beginning and ending.  Summer, hopefully, brings sunshine and happiness, trips to the beach and ice cream, candy floss, donkey rides and funfairs.

Nostalgia takes over as you get older.  As a youngster, I don’t think I ever really thought too much about anything, but as you get up the years, you realise how much of life you may actually have missed and you realise that you’re almost on borrowed time.  Mortality becomes a thing you do think about, probably far more than you should.  You make a mental note to enjoy yourself more and be grateful for each and every new day, new friend, new experience.


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