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Daily Prompt: P.C.

Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us USEFUL

This is a subject that has many people confused about its usefulness.  The problem with political correctness is that, in my opinion, it’s not really correct.  If people can no longer say what they actually mean, then we are all being conditioned to say what we don’t mean but which we will not be punished for saying.  Therefore, we are being coerced into lying to protect ourselves.

I find this to be a very sad state of affairs.  I don’t believe that we should be hurtful towards others with our words, but the truth is often unsavoury and people no longer wish to hear it.  We have to pander to peoples’ idiosyncrasies so as to not hurt their feelings but I wonder, is this just having the effect that we will no longer be able to say anything to anyone, for fear of retribution?

I was brought up to believe that “civility costs nothing” – the principle that you just need to be polite and respectful to people you meet, whatever their social standing, race, colour, creed, sexuality or whatever.  And that, if you can’t say anything nice, you just don’t say anything at all.  That was as far as political correctness needed to go.

To now be told that we can’t say black or white… well that’s just ridiculous.  How are we supposed to describe anything if we can’t use the actual words that properly identify what we are talking about?

I think P.C. is utter madness and should be taken back a good few steps to the time when it was sensible!


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